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Vision Education & Media is a community-based organization with twtwenty-oneears of experience providing technology-based educational opportunities to low-income and minority youth in the New York metropolitan area. With projects ranging from SCRATCH curriculum development for M.I.T.’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group to a nationwide YWCA Technology initiative, Vision Education has engaged thousands of students in hands-on after school and daytime programs, teaching STEM skills in creative and exciting environments.

What we do? 

Our mission is to construct solutions that inspire students and teachers and to address the widest possible range of academic standards through the use of leading-edge technologies.

We believe that effective work with technology can have an enormous impact on learning and teaching. Our mission is to share this understanding with educators and learners to inspire educational excellence.

Our philosophy of learning is rooted in constructivism. Constructivism emphasizes a hands-on problem solving and project-based approach to learning that challenges students to think creatively, apply concepts, and actively “construct” meaning. Founded in the belief that individuals learn in unique and complex ways, this approach offers students an opportunity to conduct their own research and experiments in the pursuit of knowledge.

How we do it? 

Our teaching involves collaboration on multi-faceted projects that use raw data, primary sources, manipulatives, and interactive materials. Technology is an important tool for this kind of learning, but is not the central focus of the experience.

Students come away with a greater sense of accomplishment because they have learned how to problem solve and grasp large concepts — skills they can transfer to other subjects and disciplines.

Children will create their own engaging and interactive video games using Scratch. They are introduced to robotics by building and programming projects, using sensors, motors and software. Students design, construct and program interactive, autonomous robots.

What do we teach?

Among other things, children will create their own games, tell stories, and design projects using what they learn in school

Skills that kids learn:

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
  • Coding / Programming, Algorithmic & Computational thinking
  • Pre-Engineering and Engineering skills
  • Storytelling
  • Design Thinking process
  • Creativity
  • To Become Makers


RoboFun, a division of Vision Education & Media (VEM), provides after-school programs and summer camps to youth in technology and multimedia.

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