Educators Retreat

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VEM NY is expanding into La­in America. We are thrilled to be sharing some of the most advanced research, knowledge and prac­ices from leading experts in the issue of technology and educa­ion without the need to travel abroad. Our goal is to help schools and educa­ion leaders to become a part of improving educa­ion through use of more thoughtful learning and teaching environments. The retreat will provide an intensive experience for educators and educa­tion leaders to engage in hands on learning, discussing and planning.

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“Our computer future could be made in many different forms. It will be determined not by the nature of the technology, but by a host of decisions of individual human beings. In the end, it is a political matter, a matter of social philosophy and of social decision how we will remake and rethink our world in the presence of technology. When we talk about computers in education, we should not think about a machine having an effect. We should be talking about the opportunity offered us, by this computer presence, to rethink what learning is all about, to rethink education.”

By Seymour Papert

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