Program Details

Coding for PreK and K

Using Scratch JR,  a visual and introductory programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab, students create their own engaging, interactive animations and video games complete with characters, settings, obstacles, and controls. One iPad per student is required for this program.

Coding & Game Design 1st-8th

In our coding and game design program, students learn the basics of programming logic through hands-on activities and MIT’s introductory programming language, Scratch.  With this block-based language,  students learn to design, edit and modify characters, add their own voices, sounds, and movement, all while solving problems and developing foundational math and literacy skills. One laptop or desktop per student is required for this program.

Minecraft & Circuits

Students will use the beloved and popular Minecraft platform as a gateway to learning about the properties of electricity. In Minecraft they will design machines that use pistons, levers, buttons, traps, and combination locks. They do this by using the game’s version of circuitry (called “Redstone”) to power buildings with floors, walls, and doors that open and close. Afterward, they move on to wiring electrical projects such as a LED Minecraft torch to a small DC powered Minecraft cart. Students learn complex principles of circuitry while having fun. One laptop or desktop per student is required for this program.

Animation 3rd-8th

Students work in teams to author, design and direct their own stop-motion animation. Students write scripts, create storyboards and design sets and characters before they shoot, edit and add music to their short films. One latpop/desktop/iPad for every 2-4 students is required for this program.

Little Engineers PreK

Preschool age children are natural scientists, ready to explore and experiment. Our Little Engineers classes engage children’s curiosity by utilizing a hands-on and playful curriculum. Through our specially designed building activities, songs, stories and movement, children have a blast while developing problem-solving and design-thinking skills. Each week our Little Engineers engage in a different theme, such as outer space or construction. Students rely on their visual perception and learn how to read blueprints. 

PreRobotics K-1st

Students get hands-on experience learning about gears, motors and energy while building LEGO® projects! Students will build creativity and develop problem-solving skills while learning concepts in engineering and robotics. 

Junior Robotics 2nd-3rd

Students are introduced to robotics by building and coding LEGO® projects using sensors, motors and LEGO’s playful WeDo® software. Students will enhance their ability to work in a team as they discover what it’s like to be a programmer and an engineer. *One computer for every 2 students is necessary for running this class. 

Lego Mindstorm Robotics 3rd-8th

Through a series of project-based activities, students design, construct and program several interactive, autonomous robots using EV3 LEGO® Mindstorms equipment. *One computer/iPad for every 2 students is necessary for running this class.